week 3: Bluff, Durban, South Africa

Today I told Muzzamil that I am SO behind on blog posts- three weeks to be exact. His response was that I wasn’t, there are no deadlines. How true is that? That’s the most liberating aspect of our current way of life. We have no deadlines, plans, obligations (mostly), and our days are truly ours. Each day is blank for us to fill in whatever way we please. So come back in time three weeks with us as I share with you our experiences in Durban, South Africa.

After spending two weeks in Cape Town, Muzzamil and I boarded a flight for Cape Town on South African Airways. Side note: the food on this airline puts all western airline’s food to shame. We landed and went straight to the car rental counters because unlike walkable Cape Town, Durban required a car. I took on the task of driving while we were in Durban and Muzzamil was in charge of always reminding me to KEEP LEFT- or the wrong side of the road as I called it.

We made our way from the airport along the coast to a neighborhood called Bluff. If you have taken a look at our magic treehouse post (if you haven’t- check it out!) you know that this house was exquisite. We were blown away by our views of an untouched beach and the constant roar of the ocean as well as the eclectic vibe of the place. In Cape Town we were walking far each day and exploring each nook and cranny of our neighborhoods. In Durban, we took the opportunity to enjoy our backyard and gorgeous house and unwind for a few days. The kitchen at this place was stocked better than any kitchen I’ve ever had and I took full advantage of that. We cooked quite a bit, making homemade chicken soup, daal, and sweet and sour chicken. The beach that we overlooked was long and serene and Muzzamil and I took a long 3km walk one day. We saw hundreds of little crabs playing with the waves. One day from our balcony we even saw a pod of dolphins riding the surf. It was one of those moments where you feel your world freeze and you are completely captivated. Being the new photographer that I am, I broke the spell after a few minutes to run and grab my camera but came back to find that they were gone. Some things are just meant to be enjoyed in the moment. Another creature we interacted with quiet a bit while in Durban were these very little lizards. These guys were everywhere. Any glance upward on a wall and your eyes could instantly find one of these guys scurrying about. Luckily, they didn’t bother us too much.

Aside from relaxing in our abode, we spent a few days at the swimming beach near our house. The surf was wild and made swimming a challenge but the Indian Ocean water was far warmer than in Cape Town, so we soaked it in. Downtown, we rented tricycle like bikes and pedaled along the shore. Durban was colorful and bustling, but pretty different from Cape Town.

The highlight of our time in Durban was a few days before we left. Muzzamil and I traveled south of our little abode to Blue Wilderness where we went swimming with Black Tip Sharks in Aliwal Shoal. It was unreal being in the water surrounded by so many sharks. They were being fed sardines as we were swimming, but even though we knew we were not on their menu, it was still exhilarating being bumped into and passed by by these magnificent creatures, like we were a part of their world.


-The Ahmeds




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